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I’m not above calling out, “A poetic moment!” Or “Beauty!” as we are walking past a hummingbird drinking nectar or driving past a field of flowers. (I adopted this habit after watching “A Room with a View.” Fans will remember certain scenes fondly.) Much to my kids’ dismay/and or amusement, I continue this practice whenever I can, if I feel I’m in safe company. My husband has accepted this, and maybe he even depends on it at times. I like to think so.


The blue notes of life are just as danceable as the high notes. They have their own blue tempo, which we can begin to blend into more joyful rhythm when we feel ready. And what about the mundane cadences of the day? The time-to-clean-the-bathroom glissade? Can we change our own choreography for these mundane tasks? Or even find room for the mundane in dance mind? Celebrate the mundane? I believe we can and I accept the challenge.


And, as I begin this mid-life dance, I find myself in the non-zen space sometimes of returning to certain moments in my life, picking them up like shells in my memory gallery and wondering at them, whispering to them, listening to their songs from this new vantage point. What can I learn from them or cherish about them, these distant shells that call me into dance mind once again? So I will re-visit some of these moments; maybe reflecting on dances past is part of eventually feeling even more centered in the present. Shall we dance?

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