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As Willie Wonka once said, "So little to do and so much time… Reverse that!"

Well, let’s see…

Tortilla Casserole ( by Jocelyn Craft)

Delicious! One of my favorite things- the aroma of onions, tomatoes and garlic cooking in olive oil. I could bathe in it. Don’t worry, I won’t- but I could.

I used store-bought meatloaf instead of plain ground beef, which added a lot of flavor (sodium too, I’m sure, but I used low-sodium beans and no-salt- added canned tomatoes). This would be a good one to make extra and freeze, but we ate all of ours. I did make extra for Stefani who recently gave birth to twins.

Grilled Cheese and Tomato (Family Circle Aug. 2008)

We LOVE grilled cheese sandwiches here- my car even has a bumper sticker, "Visualize grilled cheese"… Anyway, this recipe is amazing because it takes the coziness of grilled cheese to a mouthwatering nirvana. All you do is add fresh tomatoes and a bunch of basil leaves to the pile of grated cheese and then instead of butter, I brushed the top of the bread with olive oil. You smush it all down with the spatula and let it sizzle, and then try to resist picking it up and letting the molten cheese burn your mouth- you have to wait (oh no!) a few minutes to let it cool a bit.


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