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I injured my knee two months ago. This whole experience has been a rigorous exercise in Zen. It's been a process of letting go of my attachment to my preferred form of physical exertion- dance. Loosening my attachment to flashdancelocity (the feeling of my spirit soaring when I dance) was at its most painful emotionally when I had not yet accepted that I couldn't get my dance fix every day.  

If I'm able to dance and hike again my lens of "Well, of course I dance and hike- this is just what I do" will have evolved to "Wow, I'm dancing and hiking again... Each time I do this could be my last so I'm soaking it in, every wisp of wind against my face and each flex of muscle-in-glory." 

So this chapter has been about re-imagining who I can be if I can't move around as freely as I used to. I'm still a writer; my hands are fine. In fact my introspection has deepened, my antennae fine-tuned by this event.

And I am still a dancer in my mind... I continue to twirl and chasse in my mind at every opportunity. My leaps are grander than they ever could be in real life.

Now howl, "We are poetry in motion!" That's who I am inside, and you are, too.

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Ondine said...
Hello again, I too have learned about my "dance through life" with a problematic right foot. Through Nia dance, patience, and adjusting to my body's way at age 46, I've learned that my daily dance must include stretching and yoga to keep the feet and knees (and spine) happy, as well as ayurvedic DIY massage every morning.
December 9, 2009 08:03:49
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