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John, Roy & Leo picked up our first Community Supported Agriculture box (Garden of Eden Organics) last Thursday (2 days ago). Included were huge peaches, a lot of blueberries, dates (SO YUMMY!), a bunch of purple carrots, a Persian cucumber, a generous batch of gourmet lettuce mix, 2 huge onions, green beans, cilantro, tomatillos, jalapeno-type peppers and 2 soft-ball size Reed avocados. And all organic!Hmm… now that I read the list, it does sound like a good quantity for about $40, but I must admit that when I first saw the box it seemed just a bit meager. I guess because we’re used to buying on-sale produce at Windmill Farms, and we get a LOT more there for $40. But, sigh, we haven’t generally been buying organic and it’s often not local either. And we want to do what we can to support the local farms, goodness knows it makes sense to do so.

I also need to add that for many families, the quantity in the box is probably plentiful. We just happen to be produce fiends. Actually, we’re kind of like produce vampires; we maul our way through vast quantities of produce every week. And if we don’t get enough of a produce fix we get kind of weak and pale and depleted-feeling. When Grammy comes to visit she is (I’m not exaggerating this time) taken ABACK- STUNNED- by how much produce we eat. So I venture to say we’re on the abnormal side as far as how big our CSA box would have to be to truly feel sated.

Anyway, we’ll see how the boxes go for the next month and then we might make a comparison shop at the local farmer’s market- take $40 and see what we can buy at the organic suppliers there. But what we’ve eaten has been delicious, and we are pleased that so much fruit is included, unlike some other CSAs.

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