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I machete’d my way through some of the jungle in our yard this morning, just to show myself that I wouldn’t fall through a wormhole of disbelief from clearing some vegetation.

I’m trying not to succumb to feeling overwhelmed by my plans for the garden. I had all these elaborate ideas- I’ll make an archway out of sturdy branches and twigs; I’ll create a labyrinthe garden with all kinds of herbs and vegetables thriving in beautiful, loamy, compost-amended soil; oh yeah, and we’ll have an entire community of funky birdfeeders hanging from the trees, too. Can’t you just see it? But the problem is, the twiggy arch is a fire hazard, at least if I place it right next to the patio. Maybe I’ll figure out a different place for one… And the other thing is that our dear Buddy, Terrier-Chupacabra mix that he is, eats anything and everything. And he chases all birds away too. (Good for fruit trees, but kind of cruel and anxiety-provoking for the poor bird feeder visitors) What to do… maybe cayenne sprinkled around the tender young veggie plot? I don’t know. Anyway, so far these are all just ideas running around in my mind.

I plan to soak the proposed area for the plot before we go camping (it’s hard, dry remnant lawn right now), and put a layer of newspaper, then a layer of compost, then another layer of newspaper, and soak it again and hold it down with rocks. That way it will do its work while we’re away and then I’ll see how it’s doing when we get back. I’d like to plant in the fall. Any thoughts, Garden Angels?

Tomorrow is Panda John's birthday!

Windchimes to you!


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