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While We Slept by Katherine K. Allen
While We Slept, an art quilt by Katherine K. Allen,
on display at Visions Art Quilt Gallery, 2825 Dewey Road, Suite 100, San Diego, Ca 92106 (Liberty Station, Point Loma.)



Meditations on "While We Slept"

by Ondine Brooks Kuraoka


Sprouting and tendriling upward

Over you over me

It blows through and scatters

This feeling into the night

Soothing day rages and hurts and spills

Glittering and singing in plump sighs

Without being seen

It needs no eyes

It smells like clean moss

Green and sure of everything

Without needing to know

You or me or anything but this night.








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At a recent gathering of women writers of a certain age, we were discussing and listening to music that moves us. One woman said, “When this song comes on I leap and twirl like a crazy woman. You wouldn’t believe it.”

But do we have to be crazy to dance for the sheer joy of it once we reach middle age? I admired my aquaintance’s acknowledgement that she gives in to a wave of exuberance, lifted up by the pulling charms of the music, no other eyes to ply her with a veil of restraint. She, in her glory of freedom, alone but together with her music. I relished goosebumps of solidarity.

I, too, am a solitary dancer. When I have the house to myself, dancing is both celebration and balm in centering myself in a moment in time. We are given this life, this temporary state of being. The sorrows and tragedies of the world, and of our own lives, will continue to play out whether we seize moments of joyful being or not. Not that all dancing is joyful. Sometimes the most satisfying dance is sad and aching, which on occasion transforms to joy or at least contentment. Or not.

Dance is a fluid moment, fluid emotion. Whatever we have within can flow through dance. All the chores on our list will patiently or impatiently await our attention. Why not allow ourselves to carve out time for the physical expression of beauty, love, longing, bliss, heartache, all the poetry that music is? Dance embodies music- we become the music- we become poetry in motion.