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Posted By Ondine Brooks Kuraoka

Tell me it hasn’t been almost three months since my last post. Where have I been?


I’ve learned that I’m not the best juggler of two blog sites, for one. My critique group, the Page a Day Writers, launched a blog in November 2009, and I’ve put much of my blogging energy there:  Join us to see what we’ve been up to. Your comments are welcome and encouraged.


Time to improve my juggling skills!


Knee news: My knee is so much improved that it feels like a miracle. I can hike, garden, walk our dog Buddy, and I took a NIA dance class and loved it. But my knee gets a bit creaky if I overdo. It hasn’t swollen up like it did that infamous day almost a year ago, though. So I’m determined not to overdo, which takes effort for me in itself. A very good practice in life, though. I highly recommend it, not overdoing.


But time management is a good thing- I don’t think maintaining two blogs is overdoing it if I don’t get too tangential and carried away and use up all my word juice on one or the other. I know it’s not really possible to use up all one’s word juice, though. Word juice seems to flow best when it’s on daily tap. Anyway, some people maintain many blogs at once. Hats off- I’m a beginner when it comes to that level of time management.


Any time management/blog schedule tips from those who maintain a number of blogs?