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Posted By Ondine Brooks Kuraoka

Yesterday my mom came over and helped me install a bunny-deterring fence around our veggie-patch-to-be. Very sweet of her.

A good time, and Roy and Leo were the only way they could be: completely troll-like, but I mean that in a hilarious way. They created endless games out of the metal wire fencing rolls- it looked like barbed wire Olympics from afar, I’m sure. It wasn’t barbed wire, but I kept saying, Don’t poke your eyes out! Don’t get hurt! And they just kept laughing and rolling around, making boot camp-like tunnels and "traps" for each other. It was satisfactory entertainment for my mom and me while we did the hard manual labor. Buddy did his best to help, too.

The boys also picked a bunch of weeds and set them out for the rabbits to munch on, taking pity on them for being excluded from our Victory Garden. A generous gesture.

I don’t know if I want to call it a Victory Garden. Maybe Home Sweet Home Garden? I know- that’s a bit cloying, isn’t it?



Troll Garden.

Veggies and Trolls Garden.

Gobbling Garden.

Goblin Garden.

Garden of Misfit Toys.

Sprouts and Spooks Garden.

Dig for Dollars Garden.

No Gnomes Allowed Garden. I’m sorry- that’s really awful.

Rabbit Stew Garden.

Mr. McGregor’s Garden.



I’m done.

But lists are such fun.

Mr. McGregor used to scare me silly. You know, Mr. McGregor from Peter Rabbit. There was something just so menacing about him in Beatrix Potter’s illustration. Sheer genius, Ms. Potter was, that’s all I can say.