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Posted By Ondine Brooks Kuraoka

Some days bring more surprises than I could imagine. Wednesday is Cleaning Day- So I was in scrub n’ shine mode in one of the bathrooms when I heard John through the wall- it sounded like he was having a conversation. With whom? I wasn’t sure, since we were alone in the house.

Turns out he was in the shower- and talking to a centipede. Without his glasses on it looked like a clump of hair and thought it was odd that it was moving around so he moved it with his foot- interesting choice.

So there we were, hunched over and peering at our many-legged visitor and wishing our boys were home to see it. We decided we needed to save it in a jar so they could see it when they came home. Getting it into the container was a howling carnival- I kept imagining it breaking free of capture at the last moment and running up our arms and into my ear. Or jumping on my face. And yes, I know that centipedes don’t jump and don’t want to live in my ear. But soon our visitor was safely secured in a big yogurt tub, which seemed easier to deal with than a jar.

The second surprise of the day was when I walking toward the school to get the kids, it was sunny out and raining. A celebratory day of centipedes and sunny rain. The other parents and I gave each other good silly grins. "It’s raining!" We all knew it but we had to declare it. I waved at people standing under overhangs who somehow might not realize- "Look- rain!" They nodded, "Yeah, wow!"

Here in our thirsty region rain is a big deal. It was just a smattering of rain but it felt so good to walk through it and with the sun it was beautiful. I looked for rainbows and didn’t see any. But I didn’t need any. This day was perfect just as it was.

Roy and Leo were thrilled with their centipede surprise. We took a photo and then released our temporary prisoner into the front yard wilds. Cleaning Day has its merits.