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Knobby Knee Update: I had an MRI last Wednesday, 12/2. All went well. As soon as I entered the room I eyed the big creepy tube. "My head will be out, right?" Thank God the answer was yes; otherwise I would have needed sedation. The process was fine but I was amazed at how loud it was! Why does it need to be so loud? The tech gave me earplugs but wow...

So I should have some knews on exactly what is going on with dear old Knobby Knee by Friday or Monday. 

Meanwhile I'm thrilled to be able to walk Buddy and also have gone to a Pilates class and Tai Chi. Loved them! The quick side-to-side footwork of Jazzercise may be a thing of the past for me. But I've come to accept it, and I can still do low-impact everything. 

Love my knees!





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