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On this rainy day my older son, Roy, 9, baked his first cupcakes. Gathered round the kitchen table, Leo, 7, read his book, John read the paper and I read my magazine while remaining available for troubleshooting. Roy measured, mixed and decanted batter and frosting. We lit a fire, turned on baking tunes and all the while Buddy trolled for spats on the floor. 

So much coziness while the rain pelted down for hours. We ate the cupcakes, which Roy decorated with bits of black licorice and mini marshmallows layered into two kinds of handmade frosting, chocolate and vanilla. They were decadent-sweet for our family, but a fun treat. Even more satisfying was the vision of the five of us around the table enjoying the gift of Roy's inspired baking (Buddy stared up at us from his nearby bed, enthralled as he always is when we eat). Leo's cheeks dimpled with his happy cupcake smile and Roy was proud as he watched the chubby rounds disappear. We saved one to deliver to Grandpa Bill, which is what Roy and Leo are doing now.

I thought back on other favorite rainy days- including some of the wild rain adventures of my younger life- and today is one of the best. I adore this day!

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